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Tiny Tattoo Academy Online training - access 1 year

1. The basic principles of tattooing. How the ink is inserted into the skin so that the tattoo lasts. Inserting the ink correctly into the Papillary Dermis layer of the skin. The basic mechanics of insertion procedure and the transformation of the tattoo over time. Why deep scarring occurs and how to avoid all the principle mistakes of tattooing. 

2. The machines. Different power units that can be used. Power cords. The pedal and how to use it properly. Which hand-piece to use fo the Tiny Tattoo beauty tattoos. The coil and rotary hand-pieces and the development of hand-pieces to modern ones.

3. The needles. The differences between Lining needles and Shading needles. Different sizes of needles and when to use the 1, 3, 5 liner needle, when to use the shading liner needles, when it comes to Tiny Tattoos. Differences in needle usage between the ordinary and the Tiny Tattoo beauty tattoos.

4. Supplies and hygiene. What supplies you need to get started with the Tiny Tattoo. Everything from practicing skins, inks, which hazel, antiseptic spray, printing device, copying paper, vaseline to needles, and other equipment. Hygiene of the worksite to meet EU and international standards. How to eliminate bacteria and keep the procedure sterile.

5. Setting up the worksite. How to create ideal conditions for creating Tiny Tattoo beauty-tattoos. Requirements and workflow design. The contracts and legal relationship with the client. Before- and aftercare instructions for the client. Limitation of liability of the Tiny Tattoo artist. 

6. Workflow. The proprietary workflow of creating the Tiny Tattoo beauty tattoos: consultation, design selection, stencil creation, size and location selection, tattooing (all phases), and the retouch after the procedure. The Tiny-Tattoo 3-phase system.