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Therapy Field Body Program

Therapy Field Body and Health program is a psychological approach to eating and exercising that combines easy-to-follow steps to solve getting rid of unhealthy eating habits and to build the habit to exercise productively. It concentrates on detecting, redefining the approaches in your head that are the cause of those habits. The full training lasts for 7-days and has produced lasting results for students from practically every continent. It works equally well with men and women and at any age (also regardless of the genetic background of the person).

Will you start losing weight and improve your health? If you follow all the steps, then it is certain that you will. We have received feedback on excellent results from tons of users of the platform. 

Parts of the program

1. Current situation

Honest and straightforward assessment of the present situation. How your mind is protecting you, the PDPR (pre-defined personal range concept), and the reasons vast majority are unable to change the physical condition of their body at any age.


2. Health and responsibility

The level of personal responsibility required for making the transformation. Building leverage for a change. Understanding the consequences of failing to change. Rising the level of honesty in your inner dialogue. Redefining the importance of personal values.


3. New identity
Analyzing the transformation of identity required to achieve changes in behavioral patterns. Building love for yourself, projecting the versions of yourself into the short-term and long-term future. 


4. Setting yourself up to win

The defense strategy and the offense strategy. Dealing with harmful habits to your health before improving habits. Replacement strategies, the concept of dominant personal needs satisfaction. Preparing yourself for challenging situations and eliminating obvious failing-points.

5. Taking action the new way

Practical aspects related to redefining eating and workout habits. Scaling the PDPR concept to other areas of your life. Maintaining the energy and focus that was present at the start. When and how may professional help be needed.


6. The next level
Structuring your belief system, seeing the next level, and progressing to that constantly. Conceptualizing higher meaning related to staying fit. Preparing yourself for all sorts of setbacks and having strategies for bouncing back.


7. Contribution and helping

Assessing the people you love and helping them to bring upon the transformation you have experienced. Basic rules of motivation and charing the attitude of being over-brave. Forcing yourself to stay fit whilst being responsible for being a role model for your peers.