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Brow Extensions Online course - Real Time!

Brow Extensions Online course is a 7-8 hour course where there is a small group of participants that will get a hands on online real-time training carried out by absolute pros. As a result of the training you will acquire all the skills needed to pass your first exam that will enable to qualify as a RichBrows Brow Extension technologist. 

Now, let's see what is included in this Real-time Online course package:

RichBrows Starter Kit

Contains RichBrows Black Brow extensions, RichBrows Dark-Brown Brow Extension, RichBrows Medium-Brown Brow Extensions, RichBrows Light-Brown Brow Extensions, Brow tools, RichBrows Adhesive, RichBrows primer, RichBrows Glue remover, Product manual, RichBrows Browbook. Sent to you before the course with no shipping cost, obviously.

Official serial numbered RichBrow Technician Certificate
This certificate is a sign of pride that has now found its place on many sorts of walls from tiny one bedroom apartments to large luxurious salons. We strive a lot to keep this the gold-standard in brow extension business. Each serial number indicated the course passed. Comes with a personal letter from the founders of RichBrow. 

Training materials

A beautiful high-quality training material is sent to you free before the course starts. This ensures that you never forget the valuable tips from RichBrows online training. All the notes you take are guaranteed to be in one place and whenever you need to review what you learned that day you just have to open it. Can't get much simpler!

RB Inner Circle access

You will be given free one year access to RichBrows Inner Circle internet environment. That's the place where you are able to review some of the videos from the class, as well as read about the latest brow trends. Thanks to that you'll be kept on track when you're pushing the pedal to the metal with your freshly started business after the class.

One-one-one couching

Whenever you ran into major issued you can turn to your personal RichBrows Pro technician to get instant help. Yes, using the personalized customer code you can talk and chat with a member of our pro-team. And that's not just some wimpy support trainee holding your hand, sister! That is true power, a seasoned pro sitting in your corner just waiting to step in and crush it for you when you are in need!

The combined value of all of the above: $ 449!

RichBrows Eyebrow Extension & Design Training is a one full day training program that is carried out by a certified RichBrows trainer. As a result of this training the participant is able to implement RichBrows Brow Extensions and knows what sort of procedures are needed to be accomplished in relation to that to achieve professional and lasting results that clients can be proud of.

For us being genuine and thorough is a thing of highest importance. You can be sure that this diploma is issued only to people who have received utmost professional and versatile teaching about brow extension techniques and products.

Our professional trainers work a lot to maintain the highest level of competence so that this diploma could be considered the gold-standard in our business.

100% Money back guarantee
Yes. When we say that we're crushing it, we mean, that we actually are. If you are not satisfied with our online course you will get your money back - no questions asked. That's how much we believe in our products and services and that's how we think things should be. Simple.

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Important! Once you have ordered an online training and transaction using your credit card has been successful, our support person will contact you within 1 business day to agree upon an online training time that is the most suitable for you. We have many classes so you will be presented at least three different times to choose from. As well as you will be given all the additional information regarding what you should do to prepare for the training.