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Hyaluron Pen Online training + Medical Hyaluron Pen Starter kit

Comprehensive online training with 50+ pages on learning materials and contracts, care instructions. It also contains actual training videos. The price includes support + online examination with an instructor. After a successful examination, the student gets an Hyaluron Pen Certificate.

Terms of Service: www.hyaluronpen.vip/terms

In addition, a starter kit will be sent to the student. The starter kit includes the following: 

- Hyaluron Pen (medical device). Sold as a medical device, to be used according to all local rules and regulations. The user is 100% responsible for meeting all local legislative, hygiene-related, treatment room related etc rules and regulations.
- Towel
- 5 filler shells for practicing
- 5 x 1 ml practicing filler (more liquid, the effect lasts for a shorter time, ideal for practicing on models).

Please be noted that online training purchases are never refunded (therefore please make sure that you are able to use the skills learned in your region - regarding offering the procedure every student is 100% personally responsible that it meet all local rules and regulations as those differ to a great extent globally).