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Heart Soul Brows


This tee from our ARTIST AT HEART line represents the truest and deepest passion an artist can have for eyebrows. The combination of the symbolism related to butterfly - the symbol of art, life, soul, beauty and continuity - and the words HEART SOUL BROWS says it all. If brows have the same kind of importance to you as they have for us, you will appreciate this shirt. And when you take a deeper look into yourself you realize that all the words on this tee are loaded with deep meanings and when they are combined the result is just staggering and even much more heartfelt.

Show your love, respect and passion towards brow art. Tell the world you do not just do it for money and that the artist in you knows how to appreciate beauty and passion of brow-art. It's a masterpiece that has become very popular among real professionals that are the Leonardo da Vincis of creating brow masterpieces. To be worn with artistic attitude when you want to demonstrate your artistic core-beliefs.