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Girls Over Boys


Many have asked how we came up with that sort of a concept. Well, if you feel that you have to ask about it then this shirt is not for you. Girls rule. And 'Girls over Boys' slogan is our freak flag that we let to fly high. Show us one thing boys excel in and we'll show you a girl that does it better! The design covers the shirt almost all the way ending the top with an upward arrow. It's up! Clearly!

Does it mean you have to be a man-hater to wear this? Don't be stupid, of course not! If you want to have a kick-ass icebreaker for all the boys and girls in the world just get this shirt! That ingenious wake-up call gets all the men excited about approaching you and girls fist-pumping you as they reckon both

consciously and unconsciously that you've got the true swagger.