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Brow Business

Are you in the brow business or you just love brows? That is the shirt for you. Its' design is combined of a red martini glass (inspired by New York, of course) the words BROW BUSINESS and our signature vertical NEW YORK logo. This shirt enables you to say it all by just flashing it! Martini, NY, business and of course brows! Brow-business is interesting, wild, hard, demanding and just a little bit of crazy like you saying 'NOOOO...maybe-yeah' when asked if you took anything from the minibar you got a bit drunk on, when checking out from a Broadway hotel.

If you are like us and take pride in being a business-woman-hustler type of girl and not just a wallflower dying to please someone, you cannot get your message out in a clearer way. Let's raise a glass to the brow business - with this shirt you'll find an occasion for doing that, every day!