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Have you been issued an AirLashes certificate?

As there is a growing number of service providers that try to replicate the AirLift concept and certificates, please make sure that you have been issued an original certificate that is real.


How can you find the certificate number?

The upper-left corner of the certificate contains text: Official Certificate No:” that is followed by an unique code. The certificate code always starts with letters ‘LL-‘ that are followed by a combination of four letters and four digits. Please write just the four letters and digits found after ‘LL-‘ to check the authenticity of your certificate.

REAL Certificates from older periods

To answer several requests we've received, we can assure that the following numbers of certificates with that starting code are real and are issued to people that have actually passed the AirLashes Lash Lift course when the training process was verified by AirLashes even if those may not come up in the upper search form:

T*** ****a LL-RBAL0153
S***** ************k LL-RBAL0154
K**** ******s LL-RBAL0155
K***** *********s LL-RBAL0912
M**** ****r LL-RBAL9022
I**** ******n LL-RBAL9023
K***** ****e LL-RBAL9081

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