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587568316495   November 9, 2018 07:10

The choice of the backbone height is not perfect (too much space for upper lines).

The lines of the transition should be longer.

Lower main lines should be symmetrical.

The longest line of the transition and the first upper line should form a nice curve. 

Still as for FILLERS - it can be paassed. 

435552452648   October 25, 2018 17:55

You are elevated to the next level.

Still there are mistakes:

1. Symmetry is not correct (between the starting points of the lower lines).

2. Some of the upper main lines should be directed more towards pt no 3. 

3. Always try to hit the end point of the main line. 

4. Both upper and lower extra lines should be longer.

223924944936   September 18, 2018 19:43

You are elevated to the next level.

However, please keep in mind:

1. Extra lines should always connect to main lines or extra lines of the previous level. 

2. Extra lines cannot float without being united to others.

3. All main lines must have an extra line!

4. In the end section the lines should be even more horizontal. 

6465240333   September 18, 2018 17:58

You are elevated to the next level because the fillers match what is needed n this level. 

Still the tail section lines of the brow should be flatter and when practicing please always use the GOLDEN RATIO tool to measure the points. (It feels like the pt no 6 is a bit off the correct place.)

7075675725   September 7, 2018 19:17

These fillers are done correctly. Usually the lower extra lines could be longer and continue more on top of the back bone. 

Extra lines to upper lines should be curved the same way as the upper lines!  You are still elevated to the next level.

6465240333   August 29, 2018 04:13

This is already much better!

Still there are many quite big mistakes that prevent this from being bassed to the next level. For example the following:

- Extra lines should be longer and extend to the backbone
- The direction of extra lines is a bit too upwards in the lower section and a bit too downwards in the upper section. 
- There is also a quite big problem with pt no 6 - the lower line does not raise until pt no 6 - it starts to go down too early (shape is always important).
- Pt no 3 is way too low - it should be a lot higher.

Otherwise, the lines are precise and there is symmetry. If you take into account those things, you will sure be even better artist! 

6465240333   August 16, 2018 04:16

First of all, the actual brows made by the same user (Sonja Hautala) are excellent and progress to GOLD level on the local map can be expected. 

Still this concrete drawing of fillers is pretty poor and can not be used to pass to the next level. Here are the reasons why:

1. Filler lines always must touch the ENDING points of the main lines, not hit those before or not hit at all.

2. The lines can not cross - one filler can not cross with other main line  etc.

3. BACKBONE is the most important thing about the brow pattern and it should be clearly seen, noticed and followed. 

4. Most lines (main lines and fillers) are headed too high up, those should be directed ONTOP of the backbone. 

5. Lower fillers can NEVER cross with upper lines!

6. Fillers can not cross with the main line they fill- filler should just touch the end point and continue to backbone.

We kindly wonder how the same user can make so beautiful brows in real life and make all those mistakes on fake skin. Still, of course, it is a better option than vice versa. 

6465240333   July 13, 2018 03:55

This is a very good brow and only some corrections have to be made to pass the FILLERS stage. 

1. In every brow (regardless of the stage) the 3 lines combination has to be made correctly!

2. The direction of the first lower lines is TOO UP. It has to be directed towards pt no 6!

3. FILLERS cannot connect to main lines too early. In several places, they connect too early. Please connect the fillers to end-points of main lines.

4. Many upper lines are heading too low. Before pt no 2 those have to head to 6 and after pt 2 those have to be directed towards 3, not LOWER.

Please just make one without those minor mistakes and you will be passed, no problem!



223924944936   June 18, 2018 06:44

You were elevated to next level, however MINOR MISTAKES!

1. Lines can never be continued after blade has been risen from the skin.
2. The first upper line filler heads too much downwards! 
3. Fillers must be longer than the main lines. They should hit the end of the main line and continue towards the backbone. Some lower fillers are too short!

This brow can be made into very very beautiful still!

223924944936   May 8, 2018 09:23

Fillers must touch the end of the main lines and go through them. They should be almost parallel with the spine. Please try again.

5172366349   March 15, 2018 06:20

Success. Escalated to next level!

Still minor mistakes: there must be extra-lined for each main line.

6689927949   March 15, 2018 05:23

Fillers could be just a little bit longer. Still there is no principal problem.

6689927949   March 7, 2018 05:00

It looks ok but you have to do it on practice skin with blade. Actually you have to do it from level 3 but you can start it from now.

We have to rate how you can make it on practice skin.

5619340045   January 24, 2018 05:22


5619340045   January 17, 2018 05:35

Check the sample.

"Fillers must always touch the endpoints of main lines (or get really close to those endpoints) and then flow on top of the backbone."

Fillers should go through the end and continue a little bit..