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6607399053   December 12, 2018 11:09

The starting points of lower lines have to be symmetrical - the space between those has to be even.

587568316495   October 26, 2018 01:27

Some of the lower lines are too short. The end of the lower lines should turn more onto the backbone.

Also, the symmetry between the starting points of the lower lines should be even better. Some gaps are a bit larger than the others. 

However, the lower lines are ok to be elevated to the next level.

435552452648   October 18, 2018 00:43

Success. Can be passed to the next level.

Still some mistakes: 

- Symmetry between the lower lines is not perfect.

- Brow shape should be more lifted: pt no 3 should be a bit higher (as it is done in Light microblading).

7075675725   August 16, 2018 11:02

You are passed to next level based on this one picture. Still it is far from perfect! When you create the backbone - the lower lines MUST reach the backbone and their ends must turn ONTO the backbone.

The other thing is that symmetry between the starting points of the lower lines could be better. The gaps can be larger as long as those are symmetric! Still past on the next level and please take those things into account in the future. 

6465240333   June 24, 2018 16:58

Lower lines of this drawing are ok. It is possible to escalate you to the next level! (Y)

However, the overall drawing contains some totally unacceptable mistakes. I.e. The transition lines are done so that the last one is too far away from others and thus crosses with the first lower line. The direction of the transition lines is wrong and leaves the transition are too empty.

The second and even worse problem is with the last upper line - it should never bee that long even with the first versions of Europe ONE brow pattern. Nowadays, with Light microblading the upper lines begin to shorten after pt no 2. However, even with the previous versions upper lines could never be that long - it is absolutely unnatural and looks strange on a human being. In case you are doing microblading on actual clients please never practice such upper lines - it would cause the brow to look very strange.

However, congratulations, as in this case only lower lines were evaluated you were escalated to next level. Please avoid those mistakes in the future :)

6465240333   June 18, 2018 12:13

Lower lines are done incorrectly. 

1. Please always upload 1 sample. 

2. The direction of lower lines is wrong - lower lines must end up on backbone, not point upwards.

3. Lower lines can never cross with upper lines. 

4. Each main lower line need its' own extra line.

6465240333   May 31, 2018 15:43

Not good. Please compare with the sample and you can see yourself. Lines are not smoothe and arched. Please try again.

223924944936   March 30, 2018 10:09

It is not bad - lines are pretty much OK and there are only small mistakes. 

You can see little mistake in transition part where the first transition line is not parallel with beginning lines.

Bigger mistake is that upper lines are not heading to point nr 6. The directon of first upper lines must be point nr 6 and later point nr 3. It is important because of the pattern - it is much easier to do fillers and the result will be much better.

Both - upper and lower lines must end more horizontally - in the same line with the spine. 

Make these corrections and you will be in the next level. 

223924944936   March 22, 2018 22:14

Lower lines are almost OK but toghether with upper lines it is not good. Please compare with the sample in Level 6.
Upper lines direction should be to the point nr 6. Yours are coming too down and are maybe even too long.
Spine of the brow is little bit too low and all toghether does not work. Some lower lines too straight. 
It is almost good but try one more time.

223924944936   March 19, 2018 15:13

Starting points of lower lines must be symmetric! This means that the space between those must equal and must also equal the distance between the first lower lines starting point and last line of the transition.

All lower lines must end horizontally. 

Lower lines must end in pairs with upper lines, startig from second lower line. 

223924944936   March 15, 2018 12:38

Almost passed, still need just a little bit work!

Starting points of lower lines must be symmetric! This means that the space between those must equal and must also equal the distance between the first lower lines starting point and last line of the transition.

Lower lines must end horizontally. The first 2 in this picture stretch a bit upwards.

Please also upload ONE solution to every task that contains ONE picture you present.

223924944936   March 7, 2018 12:11

Unfortunately you have to make the pattern in skin with blade. It looks nice in the paper but we can not let you get true with it.

Actually you have to make it on practice skin already starting from level 3. You can go on from this level but only on practice skin.

223924944936   March 7, 2018 11:05

Improving but not quite that yet. Please try again. It is going better. Just follow the sample and you'll be fine.

223924944936   March 7, 2018 10:16

No. Not good.

Upper lines also not good at all.

Check the samples.

5172366349   March 7, 2018 10:05

Same answer - not perfect but passed. Some lines are not smoothe enough.

6689927949   March 7, 2018 10:02

Good. Passed.

223924944936   March 7, 2018 09:36

Far from good. As you see it is much harder to draw the lines into practice skin with blade. 

Please check the sample and compare your work with it. You can see the difference yourself.


6689927949   February 27, 2018 10:54

Same problem like in last one. 

Please check closely hoe the line are made in Level 6 sample and follow it.

Second lower line must be in pair with first upper line, third lower line with second upper line etc.

You upper and lower lines are touching each other. Where will you make the fillers? Check the sample.

6689927949   February 20, 2018 10:27

Lower lines should end in pairs with upper lines (pairs marked in picture), starting from the second line (check the sample).

Please make the correct transition also.

6689927949   February 14, 2018 19:50

It is almost but nt perfect. If you compare the sample in level 6 with your work then you can see yourself that it is little bit different. Lower lines does not finish in the same place with upper lines mainly because upper lines are heading too low. 

(In this picture also the transition is not that nice.)

5619340045   January 9, 2018 20:54


5619340045   December 12, 2017 23:20

Closest to the perfect solution was this. Still there was a problem -the lower lines did not end in pairs with the upper lines. From the second lower line on, those should end in pairs. In addition to that some of the lines did not end horizontally  - all lower lines should end horizontally. Also in addition to that lower line endings should not touch the backbone but should remain under it.  please make such minor adjustments and you can be promoted :)

4629801229   December 7, 2017 01:28

This is amazing! You are promoted to next level!!!