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20452048909   November 24, 2018 00:19

These upper lines are very good, however to pass to the next level the following this should be ever better.

1. Starting points must be more symmetrical. At the moment too big differences between the starting points. 

2. In the tail section (this has changed over time) there must be more lines! At the moment there is just one.

3. With the new system the length of the upper lines must become shorter after point no 2 (a sample is shown). 

4. The first upper line and the longst of transition should form a nice arche (at the moment those are at different heights).

The direction of your upper lines is very good!


6607399053   November 16, 2018 13:04

These upper lines are sufficient to pass to next level.

However, there are some symmetry problems. The upper lines look even better if the starting points are more symmetrical. 

There could be one more upper line in the tail section - in Light microblading the number of upper lines is ever greater.

Transition has errors: the first line should not reach the upper line of the outer frame.

Still, at the moment upper lines were analysed and you were passed.

587568316495   October 17, 2018 23:53

Some of the upper lines go a bit too low. Still, it is acceptable and can be passed. However, the brow shape could be a bit more lifted in the end. When you measure the point no 6 you should always also follow that!

383740936232   September 19, 2018 01:15

These upper lines are correct and you are elevated to the next level. 
Still you should keep in mind that in Light microblading the number of upper lines is usually around 10 (depending on the length of the backbone of course).

383740936232   August 30, 2018 10:12

According to Europe ONE pattern the upper lines are done correctly with the correct direction. 
You should still keep in mind that in Light microblading lines grow until pt 2 and after that start to shorten. As well as there is usually around 10 upper lines alltogether in Light microblading. 

The shape of the brow should be a bit lifted and lower arch should raise longer up until pt no 6. 

383740936232   August 16, 2018 11:39

This is almost perfect. Very good symmetry, excellent sharpness. 

Still, it can not be passed because of the DIRECTION of the upper lines. 

Those should be a way more horizontal. With the 6-point backbone, upper lines should be directed towards point 6. From the last upper line starting BEFORE point 2 all upper lines should head towards point 3. 

Your upper lines are headed too low from the start of the brow and are headed a way too low in the tail section of the brow. 

Good news: New videos regarding Light microblading are added to your Brow Analytics account! 

20452048909   August 3, 2018 11:44

Please always correct the brow shape. It must be the thickest in the beginning.

Brow shape is so important that it affects everything.

Still, at the moment the direction of the upper lines is very good. Those also grow the correct way. However, there can simply not be just one upper line at the tail section of the brow. That is the reason there has to be made just those minor changes to get passed.

7026236877   August 3, 2018 11:32

The first of the upper main lines has to start at the exact point where the longest of the transition lines ends. The space between those has to be very small - the height has to be the same.

Otherwise, the upper lines are ok according to Europe ONE brow pattern.

You are elevated to the next level, congratulations. 

435552452648   August 3, 2018 11:17

The direction of the lower lines is excellent!

Also, the endings of the lower lines turn in the correct direction!

There is just one problem why it can not be passed at the moment and you hopefully learn from it - the symmetry of the starting points of the lower lines must be better. The distance between staring points must be the same.

435552452648   July 13, 2018 11:47

You have been elevated to the next level. Upper lines are made correctly. However there should be one more in the end that finishes in pt no 3. Otherwise you will not see the length of the brow!

7026236877   July 13, 2018 11:35

This is very good brow, still in order to elevate to the next level, please make one avoiding the following mistakes:

- The direction should be towards no 6, lines can not go that low!

- Upper lines must cover the upper side of the brow! At the moment the starting points are too far apart!

Please make one without those minor issues and you will be elevated! 

435552452648   June 18, 2018 13:17

Can not pass, sorry - minor mistakes. Upper lines are so crucial to a brow. 

1. First of all, the first upper line and the longest line of the arch must for an arch. You can not make the first upper-line longer later (too unlikely to hit the blade to the correct spot when trying to make the line longer). At the moment there is space.

2. Distance in between the starting points of the upper line should be symmetrical - at the moment those are not.

3. Upper lines should not touch each other. 

4. Last of the upper lines should end in pt no 3. (Otherwise it is impossible to see the length of the brow). 

Also please be kindly reminded that as all SharpBrows patterns are shifting to Light microblading we encourage to make shorter upper lines after point no 2, so that the overall amount of upper lines would be around 10.

435552452648   May 16, 2018 10:20

Direction of the upper lines must be? First upper lines must head to point nr 6 and then point nr 3.

Yours are heading down and if you begin with fillers the result will be not that good.

Please try again one more time. Compare with the sample. At first the difference might be not that big but it is important.

6465240333   May 4, 2018 13:30

Passed to level 6.

223924944936   February 27, 2018 11:19


5172366349   February 27, 2018 10:51

It is not perfect but passed.

6689927949   February 9, 2018 21:00


6689927949   February 1, 2018 12:30

Better. Please try one more time and check the sample again. Little bit too straight lines maybe and the end is not understantable.

In second picture there are too wide gaps.

6689927949   January 24, 2018 12:01

Not quite right. Check the sample.

5619340045   December 11, 2017 23:08

Based on the brow on the left - it can be accepted. 

Still three minor mistakes:

1. The longest line of the transition should end closer to the starting point of the first upper line.

2. The last of the upper lines should never get outside the borders of the brow. All upper lines must remain inside the brow borders.

3. All starting points of the upper lines should remain inside the borders of the brow - not ON those (but INSIDE those). 

4629801229   December 7, 2017 00:50

This is perfect!!!