September 27, 2018 13:08

You are passed to the next level. However, there are minor mistakes in the pattern:

1. Lower main lines and their extra lines should curve on top of the backbone. At the moment many of those are headed too upwards. 

2. The tail of the brows (pt 3) should be a bit higher. In Light microblading the ending point is almost at the same level as pt 1. 

3. Some of your extra lines do not connect to endpoints of the main lines! Thouse should always connect (and continue to backbone) because otherwise it looks as if the extra line is missing entirely. 

4. Some of the upper lines (around pt 2) are too long. (I.e. in Light microblading there should fit around 10 main upper lines there). 

Still, the pattern as a whole looks classy and natural and you are passed.