June 24, 2018 16:58

Lower lines of this drawing are ok. It is possible to escalate you to the next level! (Y)

However, the overall drawing contains some totally unacceptable mistakes. I.e. The transition lines are done so that the last one is too far away from others and thus crosses with the first lower line. The direction of the transition lines is wrong and leaves the transition are too empty.

The second and even worse problem is with the last upper line - it should never bee that long even with the first versions of Europe ONE brow pattern. Nowadays, with Light microblading the upper lines begin to shorten after pt no 2. However, even with the previous versions upper lines could never be that long - it is absolutely unnatural and looks strange on a human being. In case you are doing microblading on actual clients please never practice such upper lines - it would cause the brow to look very strange.

However, congratulations, as in this case only lower lines were evaluated you were escalated to next level. Please avoid those mistakes in the future :)