June 24, 2018 17:05

First of all, this work is really good, especially for such a challenging starting situation. Still unfortunately it cannot be passed here as a L10 completion for the following reasons:

1. All the upper lines have to have a filler line (as well as those should start at about the same hight).
2. When re-enforcing the lines, you have to hit those with the blade absolutely exactly, otherwise there will be double-lnes. In this brow there are unfortunately many double lines. This is not acceptable.
3. Last lines in the tail section of the brow have to unite to pt number 3. At the moment there is no ONE certain point that would mark the end of the brow and there should be. At the moment some of the last upper lines are also directed too low. 
4. It would be easier to pass this levels-section if you made Europe ONE brow pattern. In this sample you have used different beginning and different lower lines. It is harder to evaluate those lower lines because this brow is something in between the traditional method and Light microblading. If it was a Light microblading brow there should be a lot more fillers and stronger backbone.
5. Even if you are using pt 3 backbone, there should not be such long lower lines in the end because those make brow look un-natural. 
6. A lot more filling is needed (especially of you are aiming to do the brow Light microblading style). There should ne no holes and there can be a log more fillers that start higher up for lower lines (shorter fillers).
7. Point 6 area is not solved the best way. It should be even thinner and the end of the brow should be even sharper. And please do not forget - the tail section has to be filled in with the UPPER line style of lines, always.
8. Some of the upper lines are too straight. As with such a client everything shows, those should be a bit more curvier.
9. In the future, especially if you are aiming to create Light microblading, please make more shorter upper lines after pt no 2. 
10. All lower lines have to connect upwards (the ends can not be left just floating) -they must connect to backbone or other lower lines.