June 18, 2018 13:17

Can not pass, sorry - minor mistakes. Upper lines are so crucial to a brow. 

1. First of all, the first upper line and the longest line of the arch must for an arch. You can not make the first upper-line longer later (too unlikely to hit the blade to the correct spot when trying to make the line longer). At the moment there is space.

2. Distance in between the starting points of the upper line should be symmetrical - at the moment those are not.

3. Upper lines should not touch each other. 

4. Last of the upper lines should end in pt no 3. (Otherwise it is impossible to see the length of the brow). 

Also please be kindly reminded that as all SharpBrows patterns are shifting to Light microblading we encourage to make shorter upper lines after point no 2, so that the overall amount of upper lines would be around 10.