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7075675725   December 12, 2018 04:44

1. Starting points of upper and lower lines should be symmetrical. Big asymmetry when it comes to lower lines.

2. All main lines should have extra lines.

3. The pattern could be more Light microblading style (as added sample) - lines divided into smaller and shorter.

4. The upper lines cannot be that long (as some are).

5. The end should be even thinner. the last lower lines should be higher or should not have been done at all.

6. First curvy lines are too long - those areas should be solved with larger number of smaller lines.

7. Some of the lines are too thick and when retouching the blade should hit them more precisely. 

8. Lowwer lines section should be a bit higher and upper lines section thinner.

689266589775   December 12, 2018 04:34

The end point of left brow is too hight. MInor difference and still can be passed.

435552452648   December 12, 2018 04:21

This is good, you are passed. However always please put the horizontal lines on the INSIDE of your drawn frames.

669258580047   December 12, 2018 04:18

Both brows should be symmetrical and at the same hight.

6465240333   December 12, 2018 04:13

All main lines must have exta lines.

When retouching the lines the skin should be pulled open so that the blade hits the line perfectly.

Lowe lines can be long, however never that long, those should be divided into parts Light microblading style. 

6607399053   December 12, 2018 04:09

The starting points of lower lines have to be symmetrical - the space between those has to be even.

587568316495   December 12, 2018 04:03

This pattern is totally ok.

Some of the lower lines should end more horizontal and flow on top of the backbone. Otherwise, really good.

587568316495   November 23, 2018 17:31

This pattern looks absolutely beautiful. Still, there are some things that could be better. 

The ends of the lower lines should turn a bit more horizontal, on top of the backbone. 

It's easier to fill in the pattern if the section left for the upper lines is vertically shorter. 

6465240333   November 23, 2018 17:29

Those lines look ok. 

Please always try to hit the lines precisely when retouching.


20452048909   November 23, 2018 17:19

These upper lines are very good, however to pass to the next level the following this should be ever better.

1. Starting points must be more symmetrical. At the moment too big differences between the starting points. 

2. In the tail section (this has changed over time) there must be more lines! At the moment there is just one.

3. With the new system the length of the upper lines must become shorter after point no 2 (a sample is shown). 

4. The first upper line and the longst of transition should form a nice arche (at the moment those are at different heights).

The direction of your upper lines is very good!


7075675725   November 23, 2018 17:08

First of all, this brow is excellent. The shape and direction of the lines is very good.

Still there are some things it lacks to be passed. 

1. The tail section of the brow is a little bit too thick (one lower line is not needed).

2. The last upper lines are extremely long - those should be much shorter.

3. Not all upper lines seem to have extra lines.

4. The brow should ne filled in more in the centre and tail section. 

5. The backbone is too low - the vertical space for the upper lines should be smaller.

6. Not all lower lines have correct extra lines - extra lines should be symmetrical and start higher than the main lines. 

7. Starting points of the lower lines should be more symmetrical.

8. The number of upper lines should be greater (in Light microblading, for example, normal count is 10). 

Otherwise, the brow looks nice and is beautiful!

223924944936   November 23, 2018 16:57

This in sufficient to pass.

Still a couple of suggestions:

1. Starting lines should be filled in more. 
2. The brow is just a little bit too thick in the tail section.
3. The first upper line seems not to have an extra line.
4. The brow should be filled in some more.

Otherwise, it is totally good European ONE brow. You should also try Light microblading brows. 

5468633037   November 23, 2018 16:50

This symmetry is sufficient to be passed.

6607399053   November 16, 2018 06:04

These upper lines are sufficient to pass to next level.

However, there are some symmetry problems. The upper lines look even better if the starting points are more symmetrical. 

There could be one more upper line in the tail section - in Light microblading the number of upper lines is ever greater.

Transition has errors: the first line should not reach the upper line of the outer frame.

Still, at the moment upper lines were analysed and you were passed.

6465240333   November 16, 2018 06:00

This can be passed. Please, take into account that the pt no 3 should not be lower by any means. It probably could be a bit higher.

587568316495   November 16, 2018 05:55

This is really good. However, to get passes the following should be taken into account:

1. The lower lines should always be bent on top of the back bone. At the moment the tips are facing too upwards.

2. Extra lines should always connect to the end points of the main lines (at the moment those connect too early).

3. Lowe lines starting points symmetry is missing. Starting points should be symmetrical and not wary. It also seems that some of the extra lines are missing to lower main lines.

4. In the tail section of the brow all lines should be directed towards point no 3. At the moment some of those are directed too low. 

5. Upper line symmetry is too much different. The staring points should be symmetrical.

Otherwise really really good progress!

7075675725   November 16, 2018 05:51

This is very good brow. However, to pass the following is needed:

1. Please choose a picture that is not done on top of a pigmented brow.
2. Please use beginnings that are more similar to Light microblading patterns and are not that much horizontal.
3. Starting points of the upper lines must be much closer to each other so that the upper part of the brow was closed. At the moment there are symmetry problems and the upper part is not closed - gaps are too large. One upper line even starts after the previous one has ended - each next one should start around 1/3 to 1/2 on too of the previous one.
4. There are quite remarkable problems with lower lines starting points symmetry. Some of the gaps are extremely large. 
5. Some of the extra lines seem to be missing to both upper and lower main lines.

Otherwise, it is no doubt a great progress compared to the initial situation.

223924944936   November 16, 2018 05:49

<p>This is already really beautiful. The shape etc is very good. However, there are 3 issues why it is not incredible:</p>
<p>1. Either the lower extra lines are missing or the gap between the main lines is too large. Please make it smaller or add extra lines.</p>
<p>2. Some of the starting points of the upper lines are too far apart from each other. The upper part of the brow should be closed in a better way.<br /><br />3. The lines in the tail section of the brow must be directed SOLELY towards the end of the brow - pt no 3. At the moment some of those lines go too downwards. In this sample red is for main lines and blue is for extra lines. </p>

5468633037   November 16, 2018 05:26

Please follow instructions of the task. 

These are really beautiful brows, however you should draw a sample on the paper of artificial skin as shown in the task.

653975584847   November 16, 2018 05:14

You have been elevated to the next level. There are minor symmetry problems, however the precision is sufficient.

223924944936   November 9, 2018 07:30

The overall results looks very good.

However, there can still be minor mistakes:

There can be more beginning lines.

Some of the lower lines seem to be far too long (and probably a bit too deep). 


Still, as has been said, based on the picture and taking into account the fact that all lines can not be seen because of natural brow hair. However, based on that, you can be elevated. 


6465240333   November 9, 2018 07:24

As a whole this pattern looks nice and can be passed. However, there are some quite important mistakes.

- Symmetry problems between lower main lines.

- Some of the upper extra lines are too short.

- Upper lines can shorten after pt np 2. 

- There should ne nicely curved lines in the beginning.

- The tail section should be closed with lines coming from within the brow, not some extra lower-lines.

Still, as has been said, the overall pattern looks ok. 

20452048909   November 9, 2018 07:19

This transition can be passed. However, the third line should be more curved, not that straight. Still the end-result looks ok.

587568316495   November 9, 2018 07:10

The choice of the backbone height is not perfect (too much space for upper lines).

The lines of the transition should be longer.

Lower main lines should be symmetrical.

The longest line of the transition and the first upper line should form a nice curve. 

Still as for FILLERS - it can be paassed. 

7075675725   November 9, 2018 06:59

These brows are absolutely beautiful and pass for elevation.

However, as there are hair, it should just be noted that:

- Upper lines should not touch each other.
- All upper lines must have an extra line.

435552452648   November 9, 2018 06:52

This pattern has some mistakes, however you are passed to the next level. 


1. the longest line of the transition and the first upper line should form a nice curve - not an angel.

2. All main lines should have an extra line! The last lower main line doesn't have one.

3. Extra lines in between the lines (in the lower section) should always connect to main lines, not hang in there without touching those. 

4941612045   November 9, 2018 06:46

These shapes are really good. To pass to the next level, however, there should be no difference when it comes to the heights of the points of the brow. At the moment the tail section of one brow drawing is clearly thicker than the other and that would lead to brows being a bit asymmetrical.

587568316495   October 25, 2018 18:27

Some of the lower lines are too short. The end of the lower lines should turn more onto the backbone.

Also, the symmetry between the starting points of the lower lines should be even better. Some gaps are a bit larger than the others. 

However, the lower lines are ok to be elevated to the next level.

7075675725   October 25, 2018 18:20

You are elevated to next level.

There are still mistakes.

1. Some of the lines may be too deep.

2. Some of the upper lines are a bit too long.

3. The brow should be filled more.

4. The end of the brow (pt 6 area) should be thinner and sharper.

223924944936   October 25, 2018 18:02

You are elevated to the next level. Some of the lines may be too deep. Please be sure to go lighter and more times, instead of deeper and less times.

435552452648   October 25, 2018 17:55

You are elevated to the next level.

Still there are mistakes:

1. Symmetry is not correct (between the starting points of the lower lines).

2. Some of the upper main lines should be directed more towards pt no 3. 

3. Always try to hit the end point of the main line. 

4. Both upper and lower extra lines should be longer.

591386935375   October 17, 2018 17:48

It is absolutely clear that you can draw transitions. However, in this case, Europe ONE basic 3 line combination is needed to be drawn. 

Please use that to get passed. 

435552452648   October 17, 2018 17:43

Success. Can be passed to the next level.

Still some mistakes: 

- Symmetry between the lower lines is not perfect.

- Brow shape should be more lifted: pt no 3 should be a bit higher (as it is done in Light microblading).

7181317901   October 17, 2018 17:34

This beginning can be passed. However, please be notified that the brow shape is incorrect! You get elevated based on the first picture, the second and third are very bad.

5454277837   October 17, 2018 17:15

It can be passed.

However, it should be taken into account that in Light microblading the pt no 3 is drawn much higher, almost to the same horizontal line from pt no 1. 


223924944936   October 17, 2018 17:01

This can be passed. However, some things could be better:

1. Symmetry between the main lower lines is not correct the gap between the last one and second to last is very large.
2. Some retouching of lines has is not absolutely precise - lines should be filled so that "sawing" hits the lines perfectly. 
3. Extra lines should always hit the END point of main lines, i.e. in the tail section of the brow not all do. 

Otherwise, really good and can be passed!

669308813391   October 17, 2018 16:55

Please send a picture as in the task: one pair of brow outline. 

This is a sheet filled with outlines filled with patterns. 

587568316495   October 17, 2018 16:53

Some of the upper lines go a bit too low. Still, it is acceptable and can be passed. However, the brow shape could be a bit more lifted in the end. When you measure the point no 6 you should always also follow that!

342766354472   October 17, 2018 16:32

This can be passed and you can be elevated. However, please take into account the fact that in most cases the natural hair in the beginning of the brow is growing more upwards and thus the lines should also be more upward. However, sometimes those can be more horizontal. In case the beginning of the brow is empty (no natural hair), please make those more upward.

7075675725   October 14, 2018 17:31

This can be passed. There is still a small doubt that some of the lines are not deep enough!  Always, please remember to pull wounds open Light microblading style to be convinced the pigment is in.

20452048909   October 8, 2018 16:47

Unfortunately it can not be passed because of 2 reasons:

1. The lines in the transition (Europe ONE) can not touch each other.
2. The third line is too straight.

7075675725   September 30, 2018 12:12

This is sufficient and you are elevated to the next level. Thank you.

7181317901   September 30, 2018 11:59

Can not be passed for the following reasons:

1. Beginning lines must be curved the same way.
2. Beginning lines must be symmetrical.
3. Beginning lines CANNOT go over or on top of the drawn outer lines.

6367339533   September 30, 2018 11:54

Cannot be elevated to next level because this picture does not represent symmetry as seen in the sample pictures. Please draw a symmetrical pair of brows on paper or to the artificial skin. Thank You!

223924944936   September 30, 2018 11:36

This is a very good brow. However, cannot escalate to next level because of the following reasons:

1. The lower main lines cannot be as long as the last one.
2. All main lines (upper and lower) must have an extra line.
3. Lower extra lines must start clearly at a higher point than the main lines.
4. Brow must be filled in some more.
5. The symmetry of the lower main lines should be better (at the moment it was even pretty hard to detect it because extra lines were almost as long.

20452048909   September 30, 2018 11:13

Can not pass to the next level for the following reasons:

1. The first line of the transition can not start from the lower outer line, there has to be space in between.

2. Lines of the 3-level combination cannot touch each other.

3. The third line of the transition must start vertically underneath the first one.



587568316495   September 30, 2018 11:05

Yes, you can be passed to next level with this transition. Please keep in mind that in your version of Brow Analytics LEVELS only Europe ONE pattern is used.

7075675725   September 27, 2018 06:08

You are passed to the next level. However, there are minor mistakes in the pattern:

1. Lower main lines and their extra lines should curve on top of the backbone. At the moment many of those are headed too upwards. 

2. The tail of the brows (pt 3) should be a bit higher. In Light microblading the ending point is almost at the same level as pt 1. 

3. Some of your extra lines do not connect to endpoints of the main lines! Thouse should always connect (and continue to backbone) because otherwise it looks as if the extra line is missing entirely. 

4. Some of the upper lines (around pt 2) are too long. (I.e. in Light microblading there should fit around 10 main upper lines there). 

Still, the pattern as a whole looks classy and natural and you are passed.